Monday, November 15, 2010

World of Boar-craft

 Recently I watched the new cinematic intro to the new World of Warcraft out of curiosity despite quitting the game a month ago and having no interest. This piece of animation stands as a testament to blizzard's increasingly stupid writing.

It starts with this years token big-bad “Deathwing” (a well-established figure in Warcraft lore) having molten hot armor welded to his skin (also established in the lore) mentioning how angry he is.  We then see some natural disasters and Deathwing mentions that he is not only angry but emo. We then see more natural disasters except this time things are breaking as Deathwing flies around. He eventually lands in Stormwind (a city from the game) and roars at the viewer because blizzard is creatively bankrupt and that's the best they can do.

And yes, blizzard is trying to get me back into wow by telling me everything will break and be destroyed.  TAILS DOLL DAMMIT THE VIDEOGAME INDUSTRY IS SO STUPID!

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