Saturday, November 20, 2010

This post has no video games in it I swear!

Apparently this is what happens when you post a comment Roger Ebert's bog:  a filmmaker from Poland with the name I can't pronounce (Grzegorz Cisiecki) sends me an e-mail politely asking me to either review or for my readers to one of his short films. This is the first time have been asked to review something that isn't blogging software. yey!

“Smoke” Is about six minutes of hazy ambiguity forming what appears to be an incomplete picture of a young man's love-life. at least that's what I think it is, It's hard to tell exactly what's happening and what you see in the film might not had happened at all. While it is not my favorite independent move, I enjoyed it and even reminded me of Silent Hill* that always cheers me up (Which actually find disturbing). Although I prefer to feel as if I've lost my mind as opposed to lost in someone else's but that's just personal preference.

*By “Silent Hill” I mean games one through four the movie and everything after it is junk. (except the comic book sinners reward)

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