Saturday, June 12, 2010


Remember what I said a few days ago? I was going to New York City state Hideo Kojima's autograph?  Well it didn't quite work out. I attended a signing at a clothing store I've never heard a called "Uniqlo SOHO" the only US store of what I think is Japan's largest fashion label. I arrived a half-hour early  in the wind already wrapped around half the building is blocking entry into three stores. I had a surprisingly good time waiting in line observing silly hijinks of other Metal Gear fans including one fan who wrote "No Place for Hideo" on a cardboard box and pose for pictures that ended up on every blog (including this one). several curious pedestrians asked what the line was for eventually the fans waiting in line to humorous lies that ranged from free iPhone's to a lecture by Al Gore it was the one time in my life that people's lack of knowledge of video games was funny. The signing ended with me almost in front of the store itself, so close yet so far. Of course I didn't want to leave empty-handed so I bought one of their Peace Walker T-shirts. The design looks cool and is made for very soft fabric. The shirts were also selling out very fast they only had one design a light in my size (I'd also like to mention that all the shirts whar Japanese sizes and I was warned to buy a shirt that was one size larger than I would usually buy).

And speaking of metal gear after playing about 20 hours of it I can say with confidence that Peace Walker is the best metal gear game since Snake Eater. The controls (shooter type anyway) actually work on the PSP. It still uses the camouflage from Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots but also returns to the emphasis of line of sight from the first two metal gear solids. And even improved on the beast/unit building from portable ops (the only good idea the game had). Its story makes for an excellent sequel to Snake Eater wall foreshadowing leader events in the Metal Gear timeline. There is some dissonance between it multiplayer and single player: Boss' are designed for multiplayer while most normal missions are designed for one player. This is the kicker app the PSP needed four years ago and I recommend it to anyone (even if you live outside Japan and are unlikely to experience its multiplayer).

In other news I've been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 and discovered a way to make my blog look more sexy.

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  1. Hahaha, one person asked if the person everyone was waiting for was someone from Fullsail, that video game college.

    The line was just epic. A person from UNIQLO said over 700 people came, which was more than the signing Kojima did in 2008 for MGS4.

    We did a review of the event. You can check it out at:

    Glad to see you're enjoying Peace Walker!