Monday, June 21, 2010

This is my post about E3

 If you nearly play video games to pass the time, like some kind of inmate, than you may have found this year's E3 to be overwhelming. Of course I “hate everything” as they tell me (I expect substance from a game) but even I found a modest array of titles I look forward to greatly .  So I decided, four days after the Expos ended, to write about the small modest list of games actually liked at this year's show. I guess this makes this my “best in show” list.

These are the games at the show that I'm interested in this is not mean they are today one purchases. I am going to post links to the jurors to conserve space. If you really want to know why any game is a  beyond the that trailer use a search engine.

Castlevania Harmony of Despair

  It's really cool to see a entirely new game made entirely out of older ones. It's also good to see that Koji Igarashi hasn't been completely marginalized at Konami.

Civilization V

 One of the few day one purchases on this list. I'm excited for its removal of the “stack of doom” alone but are also emphasizing the personality of the leaders For example: Napoleon will be very aggressive and militant and also speak French at the diplomacy screen.

Dragon Quest IX

  It's only Japan's most popular multiplayer game even several months after its original release.  It was also that country's highest selling game of 2009 and it set for American release next month.

Gran Turismo 5
  What will probably be the biggest car orgasm ever finally has a set release date. Normally I don't care much for racing but I really appreciate the series passion for cars.

Infamous 2

 This one is here just because they like the first game and its sequel seems to be on the right track. I just hope that his developer "Sucker Punch" can think of a better story this time.

Kirby's Epic Yarn
 Biggest surprise at the show, Nintendo does something with an established character that is not a trade imitation of itself (unlike new super Mario Brothers). It's one that doesn't just look like it's made of knitting it acts like it.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

 Five years later and Nintendo FINALLY makes a real game around motion controls and doesn't look like it's being held back by them.

Little Big Planet 2

 I really love Little big planet and I really love making things a little big planet. So I'm really excited about the new level editing features.

Metroid Other M

 This game is being developed by Team Ninja  there are most famous (or rather infamous)  modeling women with big boobs and overcompensating jiggle-physics and they are making this game for Nintendo. The other surprising thing is that they're showing restraint. Its gameplay seems to be all over the place from side scrolling to shooting in first-person. As I have doubts on the game's new story focus is team ninja is also well known for making games for stories that make no sense.

Portal 2
 Best trailer at the show. I'll do some great ways to expand on the basic premise of portal.

 This looks like a id Software's  best game in 10 years. A lot of people are comparing its post apocalypse setting to fallouts but I don't quite see the resemblance. Rage takes more influence from the Legend of Zelda (Exploring big open terrain) and Bioshock (fighting enemies with the environment) but it may have a similar crafting system. Maybe this game is the start of id Software reestablishing a lost creative identity.

 I was disappointed when I first saw this game before E3. I thought it was going to be a Halo clone from a developer that quickly built a reputation for creativity. What I saw at E3 was a third person shooter similar to Gears of War but with the crazy antics of Bayoneta (which is by the same developer) personally I think Shinji Mikami wants this game it to be a hit study can use its success to fund something else. Also its story is guaranteed to be stupid.

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