Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sorry no new articles this week. Between writing a short story and a puppy I couldn't find time to write for this blog so here's some reading material from other writers to make up for it.

The History of Headshots, Gaming's Favorite Act Of Unreal Violence
Why do the Japanese Draw Themselves as White?

 What, you're still here? You actually want to know what's happening in my life?
Fine I'll tell you at least a little something.

I've had Studio Ghibli's "Porco Rosso" sitting in a Netflix envelope for a week and I still haven't seen it. I am STILL playing persona 3 but this time it's content I haven't seen already and at this rate I'm not sure if I will actually do that second play through. Dragon quest IX is still collecting dust. I started playing World of Warcraft again and this time I'm rating a short story about my character. And finally despite spending $60 on it I hardly ever play StarCraft II. I blame its level editor which is a most unfriendly development tool ever to be released to the public.

Oh, and my cat is stocking the new dog.

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  1. Very interesting about implied whiteness of anime characters. Makes you think on a deeper level about or own stereotypical views andassumptions.