Thursday, July 22, 2010

I don't know what to title this as

If you read this blog regularly you are probably wondering why there was no article yesterday. This is because I spent the past week taking back my Google account (which I use for e-mail YouTube and this blog) and my account which were both stolen by a gold farmer. If I was in set to automatically login to my Gmail account I would never have been able to recover either. I'm not quite sure why I care about my World of Warcraft character's been stolen when I hadn't played in three months. However I will need that accounts to play StarCraft II which I had pre-ordered and I might return to World of Warcraft for the next expansion.

Other than that I've been enjoying Persona 3 Portable so much that I barely touched Dragon Quest 9.  And so far I'm playing the first half that I've seen are ready I haven't even tried the new female protagonist. The interface changes they made to accommodate the PSP really speeds up the game I felt was a little too slow. I also actually understand the “rhythm" of the game from playing its sequel.  It feels a lot like returning to an old favorite book, I've seen it already but it still feels fresh.

Also while I gave into the world's peer pressure and decided I will buy StarCraft II I'm still more excited about the new BlazBlue and its developers mystery announcement tomorrow.

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