Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bizarre game (?) You may or may not want to know about: Noby Noby Boy

I'm not sure how to put the above image into words, or the game that it came from, or what inspired Keita Takahashi to create it. What I do know is that Keita Takahashi has proven that he is out of his mind. Back in 2004 no one believed it could get weirder than Katamari Damacy (also by Takahashi) a game about a little green man who rolls a ball that collects junk; growing in size until it looks like Godzilla on drugs.

In Noby Noby Boy you are a pink caterpillar creature with a big mouth called “Boy”. Boy really wants to please “Girl” who is like Boy but is huge, covered in pink hearts, wears a bow and lives in space. However all boy can do is eat, poop and stretch his body. Fortunately for Boy, Girl loves it when boy stretches. Girl loves it so much that she stretches too! So Girl plans to, with Boys help, stretch across the solar system to unite all the space people in peace and love. Or at least that's what I could make out of it. (As of this writing she had reached Jupiter and is on her way to Saturn.)

But Boy isn't alone in his love of Girl. Many other boys are doing the same thing eating, stretching and pooping to help Girl reach new planets. In fact everyone playing counts as a “Boy” who contributes to Girl's stretching. One Girl reaches a new planet all the “Boys” can eat, stretch and poop on that planet. Also multiplayer was recently added, up to four Boys can aim to please Girl at the same time! (Or eat each other)

Despite the sexually provocative setup I described this really isn't much of a game. You're not required to do anything. For most of the typical playing session of Noby Noby Boy is about purposely tangling boy into things, trying to eat everyone and knocking things over. The game will also create a new environment every time you play so you're guaranteed to never know what's going on. It's stupid but quite relaxing and it has the easiest achievements I've ever seen.

There isn't much to say you have to see it to know what I mean. But this article's still too short...
Well, there is an iPhone version...

A year after his release on PlayStation 3 a special version was made for Apple's iOS. It was listed under “utilities” on the app store which is strange because it serves no practical purpose. It plays a lot like PS3 Noby Noby Boy but in its 2-D and without the ability to eat and poop. That's part of the iPhone version is what he calls “GPS”. When you first use it it plans. Your current location and when you move your stretch Boy's face to your new location. I've done this a few times when I went far away from home and it's really amusing to stretch Boy across the world.

Every time I play Noby Noby Boy I feel like I've lost my mind. That amuses me.

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