Monday, October 3, 2011

Constructive criticism for EA and DICE.

 While I had some fun with the Battlefield three beta I ended up uninstalling it in a fit of rage. After playing less than five hours it just frustrates me too much to warrant spending dime. Instead of spewing hateful bile on my blog about how much I hate EA's new origin service going to offer constructive criticism on how to improve battle through three instead. After all, they insist that this is a beta and not a glorified demo.

#1) Battlelog is the biggest inconvenience I've encountered in a game since blizzard's new battle net service. Only losers care about stat tracking and there is no excuse for not having a server browser in game. Make a in game server browser and export the stats tracking to Facebook were there are losers who actually care about this.

#2) Operation Metro is a terrible map. The first section that takes place in a city park is especially awful. Thar are bushes everywhere that prone snipers can hide in making it extremely frustrating. speaking of snipers. . .

#3) Nerf the recon kit. snipers in general are overpowered in this game. Yes, you can see a lens flare from them but by the time you see it already killed you.  They never need to go into harms way  and can camp in a bush all day. I don't care if it's realistic or not it's frustrating and most importantly NOT FUN.

#4) Having any kind of unlock system in a competitive multiplayer game is retarded. I stopped playing the beta for two days and suddenly I'm been killed by players with far superior guns than mine. Of course I couldn't play the game longer to get better stuff but that takes forever. Meanwhile I die constantly to camping snipers who get stronger every time. I stayed weak and they get shorter; in addition to their inherent advantage of better map knowledge. There is no excuse for this it's bad game design.

#5) Origin sucks. I can't think of a single nice thing to say about it is like using Steam in bizarro world.

#6) I can never see a server's ping, ever. There is absolutely no excuse for this even shooters made for consoles (which are inherently junk) will show ping so what does that make this year's AAA PC game?

#7) Killing Floor has a better model for recoil. In Killing Floor, a guns recoil moves your viewpoint up which feels surprisingly natural. In Battlefield 3 however my gun shakes around like  am in a bouncing castle. Just copy what tripwire interactive did and claim that you thought of it I'll let the plagiarism slide if I could shoot something several yards away for once.

#8) When I and killed by another player copy their freeze frame from Team Fortress 2. Showing an enemy player run around for several seconds does nothing to inform me as to why I died. On the other hand, team Fortress two shows me a freeze frame of mind murderer a brief moment after killing me giving me an idea of how my demise happened.

I really did find a game that I like underneath all the bullshit. I like the pace of the game and where it stands on a scale of realism. It feels like it's right in between accessible but spastic garbage (call of duty) and in army sim for the insane and unemployed (Arma and Red Orchestra.) This game has fantastic audio that gives it an uncommon sense of atmosphere for a multiplayer game. It feels like raw, helmet cam footage of war as opposed to a Michael Bay movie. Problem is, is buried under a lot of bullshit.

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