Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stuff I Didn't Even Knew I Had

 Yesterday when I was cleaning out some unwanted junk I stumbled upon some long lost compact discs. Compact discs that were missing for so long I almost forgot I ever have them.

First was the soundtrack for Sonic Adventure 2 which had objectively listened to since high school. Since then I discovered the great metal bands of the 80s and developed a much deeper appreciation of music. It's not that I don't like it anymore but even compare to Sonic Adventure (one) it feels like Senoue saved his best guitar riffs for his band. As a similar problem to Daft Punk's “human after all”is that it often feels more like a demo reel than an actual album/soundtrack. The music for Knuckles' stages are hilarious in that 90s parachute pants kind of way.

I also found the soundtrack for Jet Set Radio but more importantly I found my old discs for Roller Coaster Tycoon. Amazingly the game will run on my Windows 7 PC (after flipping a few switches in compatibility mode). 12 years later across the tycoon is still fun and without 3-D, motion controls, touch controls, being made for a smart phone or tablet, being on Facebook were being designed as a service (I could write a whole post about). But then I particularly like is its Windows desktop-esque interface. I can bring up information of any writer attraction by clicking on it and sorting through the tabs and pop-up window. Anything I want to know is readily available and I could look as much as I can fill my screen with or as little as one thing at a time. It's like Chris Sawyer knew that anyone who can use the installer wizard already knows how to use a PC desktop. So yeah it's a lot of fun and makes me wish a lot of old trends in video gaming would come back at once.

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