Friday, February 18, 2011

Random post!



My preordered copy of Tactics Ogre arrived and so far it looks like it might be one of the greatest RPG's I've ever played and might switch places with final fantasy tactics on my top shelf.  In a world where everyone  plays call of duty this is what I call a "real" videogame. It's script is intelligent with well-written dialogue and it wont progress unless I think about the decisions I'm making. It's the exact opposite of the junk most people are into these days.

Despite promising myself that I will, I haven't tried making anything in Little Big Planet 2 yet. Of course I should make a level. The game has grapple hooks now and grapple hooks are always awesome!

Marvel versus Capcom 3 is a lot of fun but I have my concerns. The game isn't even a week old and people are finding zero to kill combos. Also, I still think that characters like storm and magneto will still take over the game like they did in Marvel 2. On an unrelated note the players guide very useful. Not only does elicit basic strategies for every character and explain the core mechanics but it also has the frame data for every character in a glossary of common terms.  Every fighting game music players guide  this in depth.

I just finished reading Ozzy Osbourne's biography and it is fantastic. Whoever the ghostwriter for this book was he's very good in every second sitting down with Ozzy while he tells me his life story.   It also happens to turn out that Ozzie's life played out like an epic comedy written by Don Bluth.

And finally I decided that I actually enjoy Gran Turismo 5's B-spec mode. And no I don't know why I enjoy watching a racing game play itself.

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