Monday, August 2, 2010

What's this?! A personal blog post!

Why yes, I'm writing about myself today instead of video games that those who know me realize that there is little difference between the two.

A local video game store closed and I was tipped off that they have the remainder of their stock sitting in a dumpster. Suspecting that perfectly good games or gaming hardware could be just thrown away I set off to a back alley mentally prepared to go dumpster diving for games (as mildly shameful it is to admit).  I picked up of very faint smell of garbage as soon as I arrived. The dumpster is mostly full with  rock band controllers there always for sale at store but never sold, several Play Stations and the slightly sad sight of a Sega Dreamcast. As well as the slightly ironic site of a Sega CD which belongs in a dumpster if it does not have sonic CD. The Dreamcast was labeled “defective” was then that I realized that this hardware is likely being thrown out for a reason and decided not to dirty myself poster diving for video game systems are most likely broken.

Also despite having it for nearly a week I have actually been unable to play StarCraft II. I'm not sure why but he can't log into my account and their tech support is so busy they haven't been able to help me yet. However I have been able to play the new BalzBlue but I haven't decided which character is going to be my main. And I'm still playing Persona 3 portable and I'm still playing stuff I've seen already (I'm close to getting past that).

And finally just last night I got a very dumb and tedious idea of how to squeeze more enjoyment out of the sims 3: empty out the whole neighborhood and repopulate it with a “Adam” and “Eve” sins.  I think this is what will Will Wright means when he says “create your own fun”. I even found a mod that lets players control the body of portions of sins. Maxis is so fortunate to have fanned several my features that they were supposed to do themselves.

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